Thursday 31 October 2013

The Call to Build Solid Futures- Acres of Mercy Learning Centre

The Call
Acres of Mercy, Kenya is an NGO registered with the NGO Coordination Bureau. (Soon to become the Public Benefit Organization Commission). Our main objective is to be part of building better communities and helping in creating better lives for future generations.

We seek to do this by ensuring literacy levels in our communities are bettered.
Our Education Program implemented through Acres of Mercy Learning Centre targets vulnerable children so as to give them a better chance at life.
The program equips the children aged 5-14 years with basic literacy skills, faith formation, talent and skill development and mentorship which are all aimed at helping build life-long resilience in our children.

We work mostly with children based on the simple truth that the cost of intervening upstream is less than compared to the cost of making change downstream. 

At Acres of Mercy, Kenya we strive to ensure the best education foundations are laid for every child through the our Learning Centre.

Current Block Classes 4-6

Follow us as we trace the beginning of this calling and share stories on the impact we are making as we answer God's admonition to let the children come to Him, that He may bless them.